May 5, 1821

Leaked Report Challenges Assumptions

Charitable Education Supports Nearly 25,000 Scholars

A recent report obtained by The Manchester Guardian challenges assumptions surrounding charitable education in the local area. Contradicting earlier estimates, the comprehensive findings highlight a significant impact, supporting nearly 25,000 scholars. The report exposes errors in the Education Digest, emphasizing the need for accurate reporting and further investigation. The discrepancies raise questions about the necessity of legislative measures and call for transparency in educational reporting.

The errors unveiled in the Charitable Education Digest were attributed to four clergymen of the Church of England, who were commissioned by Henry Brougham (Whig Party) to assess the state of charitable educational offerings. However, it appears that these assessments were lacking background research and lead to a underestimation of the number of charitable educational opportunities available. This revelation raises concerns about the accuracy of existing perceptions and the need for more comprehensive assessments in this field.

The implications of the report's findings go beyond statistical corrections; they challenge the assumptions that have shaped proposed legislative measures. By exposing the errors and highlighting the true impact of charitable education, the report invites a reconsideration of the necessity and effectiveness of such measures. This is underscored by the fact that charitable education offerings reach almost three times as many scholars as assumed in previous digests, emphasizing the importance of evidence-based decision-making and calling for greater transparency. As a result, further investigations and discussions on the future of charitable education have been ignited, aiming to create a more informed and inclusive educational landscape for the benefit of scholars and society as a whole.

The interactive map displays the geographical locations of 70 out of the 81 schools referenced in the report. It effectively demonstrates that a significant majority of the schools mentioned in the report are Sunday schools, diligently committed to providing free education to scholars.

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Locations of Manchester's Schools

Additional Schools

The locations of the following schools are unknown:

    Inequality in Gender-Responsive Education Financing

    While the report highlights the abundance of charitable education in Manchester and its immediate vicinity, it also exposes the gap in gender-responsive education financing. Regarding single-gender schools, it becomes evident that the boys' school with the highest annual budget, known as Blue Coat School, receives a significant funding amount of £2000 per year. In contrast, the girls' school with the highest annual budget, named Ladies' Jubilee, receives a mere £250. This disparity highlights a considerable imbalance, with the boys' school enjoying financial resources nearly seven times greater than its female counterpart.

    Furthermore, it is important to highlight that despite their financial prosperity, the day schools affiliated with the Church of England serve a relatively small number of scholars. Out of the total 25,616 scholars mentioned in the report, only 1,232 attend these Church of England day schools. This means that roughly four out of every hundred scholars are enrolled in these institutions, and only one of them is a girl.

    This disproportion between the financial resources allocated to these schools and their limited student enrollment raises concerns about equity. It underscores the need for a critical examination of resource allocation practices to ensure that funding is distributed equitably among all schools, taking into account the needs and enrollment of each institution, regardless of their affiliation or gender focus.

    The following interactive scatter plot allows for a comparison of gender ratios, budgets, and denominations of the schools mentioned in the report, revealing the relationships between these pieces of information.

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    Gender Ratios and Budget Comparison

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    Day School

    Sunday School

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